Potion: Dark Matter at more festivals!

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Potion: Dark Matter-Film PosterI’m excited to announce that so far, Potion: Dark Matter has been officially selected to be screened in 20 film festivals all over the world! I could not be more pleased with this response to my first animated film. I thought is was a good time to create a proper film poster to share so here it is. You can follow the information the film, the accolades and screenings at potionmusic.com/news and on the dedicated film page at potionmusic.com/video-dark-matter or follow updates on social media on facebook, where I will be updating information about events, ticket sales, and programs it will be featured in. Hope to see you at the cinema!

Potion: Dark Matter Heading to the Festivals

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Potion: Dark Matter—my new 5 minute sci-fi 2D animation/music video about a Space Travel Agency promoting its package tours for the next holiday season—is heading for the festivals! I’m thrilled to announce my film is an Official Selection and so it’s world premiere will be at Athens Animfest 2019! And in addition to that, it was also and official selection for the Philip K Dick Film Festival and will be screened at their opening program in Santa Ana, CA. Above you can see the film teaser.

Rescue Your Recycling: Animated Video

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This video is a co-production with Green America. Along with an infographic for the fall issue of the Green American, we were contracted to produce this animated video clarifying the ins and outs of streamlined recycling. I thought we were pretty good about recycling until I read this issue and discovered all the ways we might be spoiling recycling with our habits. Our new “Rescue Your Recycling” video is designed to fix that with a run down of best practices for improving the results of streamlined recycling.

And now en Español…

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Our animated infographic project “Feeding the World Without GMOs” continues as we have just completed the Spanish language version. Central and South American communities are very heavily impacted by industrial agriculture and the detrimental effects of GMO cultivation. Our hope is that our video will help inform Spanish-speaking populations about this issue. We are thrilled to announce that the Spanish version, “Alimentar El Mundo Sin Transgénicos” is now available online for sharing–enjoy!

Biomimicry Institute Design Challenge at SXSW Eco 2015!

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Biomimicry Food Systems Animation

Biomimicry Food Systems Animation

I am thrilled to bits to have designed the presentation videos for the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge Finalists at the SxSW Eco Festival in Austin, TX. There were eight videos in total, each around 2 minutes long, breaking down the essentials of each team submission. I designed an animated intro to illustrate the different parts of a food system and then cut the footage to illustrate the challenge, the biomimetic inspiration, and the design solution put forward by the team. It was a fast and exciting ride to create it all within only a few weeks. Michel, my partner in crime and sound design, made magic with the sound and it all came together in the nick of time. We were like elves in the studio animating, cutting, and recording and the results were just like Christmas morning–check ’em out!

Art Men: Animated Stills Project

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Music, Video

San Francisco based sculpture artist Paul Baker asked me to produce a short video using photography from the development and production of “Art Men” a 2-month sculpture show and opening event. He wanted not only to capture the spirit of the opening night party, but also the planning and work that went into it. Ultimately the video piece would be used to create a memorable, stand-alone piece his web site, to feature his work and process to galleries, curators, etc. He wanted something short–around 2 minutes or so, and I love cutting to music and working with stills in After Effects so this was quite a treat to develop!

Feeding the World Without GMOs

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Music, Video

This animated infographic dispels to popular myth that Genetically Engineered crops are necessary to feed the rapidly growing world population. Research has proven that we have all the necessary technology to double food access in a way that is safe and better for the environment and all of our health. I hope it helps to educate people about GMOs so they can make better decisions about food safety and labeling laws when they have a chance to vote on these issues. The music is an original composition by Michel Bedoya.

A Dream Realized

Film, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Music, Video

Today a video which I edited and co-produced with Augustine Curtis (music by Michel Bedoya & Camera by Earl Balisi) for CCSF will be shown in their Festival of the Moving Image at the Roxie Cinema in San Francisco. It’s a short piece about the founder of San Francisco City College, Archibald Cloud, realized his dream of creating San Francisco’s own junior college thanks to funding from the New Deal.

San Francisco Green Film Festival 2014 Visual Campaign

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SFGFF2014 Web Banner

This was a web advertisement was designed to promote the 2014 SF Green Film Festival on the SF Weekly website.

This spring we had the great pleasure to re-brand the San Francisco Green Film Festival. The design challenge was to create a “bold” and “fearless” graphic campaign to appeal to a new, younger audience that might not already be engaged or interested in environmental films or activism. The black & white image of the 3 people in masks overlaid with 2 vibrate green and blue colors with roughened edges was a shout-out to late 1970’s punk music posters.