Rescue Your Recycling: Animated Video

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Music, Sound Design, Video

This video is a co-production with Green America. Along with an infographic for the fall issue of the Green American, we were contracted to produce this animated video clarifying the ins and outs of streamlined recycling. I thought we were pretty good about recycling until I read this issue and discovered all the ways we might be spoiling recycling with our habits. Our new “Rescue Your Recycling” video is designed to fix that with a run down of best practices for improving the results of streamlined recycling.

Climate Justice for All

Motion Graphics, Sound Design, Video

Our latest video piece was commissioned by Green America to shine a light on the topic of inequality for Climate Justice in communities of color in the US and internationally. This video was designed to share information on how these communities are also leading the fight for equitable protection and action in the face of the climate crisis. You can read more about it and how you can help in the latest issue of Green American Magazine.

And now en Español…

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Music, Sound Design, Video

Our animated infographic project “Feeding the World Without GMOs” continues as we have just completed the Spanish language version. Central and South American communities are very heavily impacted by industrial agriculture and the detrimental effects of GMO cultivation. Our hope is that our video will help inform Spanish-speaking populations about this issue. We are thrilled to announce that the Spanish version, “Alimentar El Mundo Sin Transgénicos” is now available online for sharing–enjoy!

2016 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge Promo Video

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Sound Design, Video

We recently had the great opportunity to cut and re-fashion the new promo video for the 2016 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge. It was a pleasure to work with the beautiful Louie Schwartzberg footage and combine the magic of motion graphics to create a promo video to inspire many new participants for the 2016 Challenge. We can’t wait to see what they present!

Biomimicry Institute Design Challenge at SXSW Eco 2015!

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Music, Sound Design, Video
Biomimicry Food Systems Animation

Biomimicry Food Systems Animation

I am thrilled to bits to have designed the presentation videos for the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge Finalists at the SxSW Eco Festival in Austin, TX. There were eight videos in total, each around 2 minutes long, breaking down the essentials of each team submission. I designed an animated intro to illustrate the different parts of a food system and then cut the footage to illustrate the challenge, the biomimetic inspiration, and the design solution put forward by the team. It was a fast and exciting ride to create it all within only a few weeks. Michel, my partner in crime and sound design, made magic with the sound and it all came together in the nick of time. We were like elves in the studio animating, cutting, and recording and the results were just like Christmas morning–check ’em out!